The three legal documents on customs sector out of expiry

The Ministry of Finance has promulgated Circular No. 07/2013/TT-BTC dated Jan.10th.2013, abolishing the legal documents on State management of the Ministry of Finance.

 On agreement with the Ministry of Science and Technology; Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Minister of Finance promulgated Circular abolishing the three legal documents on customs sector. From Feb.25th.2013, the following three documents will be annulled:

1.       Joint Circular No. 58/2003/TTLT-BVHTTDL-BTC dated Oct.17th.2003, guiding copyright protection in customs office for imports and exports.

2.       Joint Circular No. 129/2004/TTLT-BTC-BKHCN dated Dec.29th.2004, guiding the implementation of border control measures on industrial property for exports and imports.

3.       Decision 230/2000/QD-TCHQ dated July.12th.2000 by the General Department of Customs, promulgating Regulations on management and use of weapons, tools as assistant facilities in Custom sector.