Medical Declaration for people enter, exit or transit through Vietnam Border

The Ministry of Health regulated people who enter, exit or transit through the Vietnam border has to make the medical declaration to prevent and combat infectious diseases. This regulation is provided in Circular No. 32/2012/TT-BYT dated January 4th 2012 of the Ministry of Health on medical control applied to people when enter or exit Vietnam.

Ministry of Health will announce the application of medical declaration in the following cases:

- The authorized state management agencies issue decision to announce the infectious disease;

- Ministry of Health has written notification about infectious disease situation occurred abroad or there are risks appeared to affect public health.

The medical declaration must be made at the Vietnam border when doing customs procedures for entry, exit, transit or not earlier than 7 days before quarantine medical officers at the border examine the medical declaration and stamp checked before the declarants process for enter, exit, transit procedures.

When doing procedures of enter, exit, transit, Inspection force, immigration control force at the border must check declarations of passengers to ensure declarations has been stamped by quarantine medical officer. In case, medical declarants are subject to regulations without certification sealed by quarantine medical officer, immigration forces require those declarants to complete medical declaration before permitting the passengers to enter, exit, transit Vietnam.

This circular takes effect from February 1st 2013.